I apologize for the lack of updates on the Dooley Dog Blog. Courtney and I have been pretty busy over the last few months and Dooley has too! Since our last post, Dooley has met some of the grandparents, recovered from swimming bacteria, chewed straight through two of our dining room chairs, attended two puppy parties at Salty Paws, cheered on Oklahoma State, became a pirate, became a hamburger or “The Hamburgler”, and carved a pumpkin. Check out some of the more recent photos below:

Dooley on the Couch
Dooley Lookin Good on the Couch
Dooley Meets Some of the Grandparents
Dooley In Trouble
Dooley The Pirate
Dooley Cheering on Oklahoma State
Dooley tired after carving her pumpkin
Dooley was a Hamburger for Halloween but quickly became the Hamburgler after stealing treats from other dogs at the puppy party at Salty Paws

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