Dooley The Oklahoman and Uncle Ralph

Couch Potato
Dooley watching television (in case you were wondering, i did put the remote next to her on the couch, but that is how she sits on the couch sometimes)

Dooley has been enjoying Oklahoma so far, and as you can see from the pictures is getting pretty comfortable around here. She has quickly taken ownership of my parents couch and television and has become obsessed with episodes of NCIS. She has watched all of season 6 and is moving on to season 7. We are all enjoying being here in Oklahoma and being back close to our families.

Dooley being lazy
Dooley being lazy with Courtney

Dooley has been enjoying getting to know her Uncle Ralph, although I dont know if Ralph shares the sentiment. Ralph is my parents almost 12 year old blind pug. I wish I could say that his blindness just heightened his hearing to a super-dog like state (kind of like Daredevil for you comic book fans), but Ralph is pretty much deaf as well.

Anyways, Ralph laid down the law pretty quickly with Dooley. It’s still his house and he does not enjoy being tormented by a large shadowy figure that wants to do nothing but smell his rear end. As payback, Ralph decided to take Dooleys toys and then lay on top of them so she could not get them. Despite Dooley being a bit of a pest they are getting along pretty well.

Ralph and Dooley
Ralph and Dooley

To be honest, Ralph probably needs his own blog as well. He is quite the character. I often catch him staring at walls for 10 or 20 minutes at a time. He has no idea that he is looking at a wall. Its pretty funny. Sad, but funny. Ralph also has a thorough knowledge of the English language so everyone has to be really careful what they say. There are like 50 words that could set him off and get him excited, and then he gets all worked up and cant breathe.

Either way Dooley is getting excited about the spring as seen by her enthusiasm for the flower. We will keep everyone posted but Dooley seems to be liking Oklahoma so far!

Dooley as a flower for spring
Dooley as a flower for spring

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