Dooley’s Decision

I don’t know how many of you noticed or not, but the World Cup started today in South Africa. It is a big deal for Dooley on many levels.English Bulldog with Soccer Ball

For starters, Dooley is a soccer fan. As seen in the picture, Dooley is also an avid soccer player. Her skills are a bit limited, but that is all overshadowed by her shear determination to play.

Secondly, some would consider Dooley a “hooligan”. While playing and watching soccer, Dooley is often overpowered by her enjoyment of the game. The enjoyment sometimes turns a bit physical, and her enjoyment can be construed as aggressiveness. (aka. she mistakes your hand or foot for the ball).

Third and probably the biggest reason why this year the World Cup is a big deal to Dooley is because the United States must play England in their first match of the tournament. Dooley is having a tough time in deciding who to cheer for in this matchup. She is torn between her American home and her English roots.

After discussing it with Dooley over a bite to eat she told me her decision. I think most of you will be happy to know she is cheering for the United States and she is predicting a 1-0 win for the US.

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