Healthy Puppy … Almost

A few weeks ago, Dooley’s vet informed us that she is free of her skin problems! Her coat is full and shiny, and she has completed her last skin treatment.

Around the same time, a pink bump started growing on her paw between two toes. The larger the bump grew the more Dooley would lick it and chew it. The vet said if she could not leave it alone the bump will need to be surgically removed.

Well, as much as we have tried to teach her to leave it alone, Dooley will not stop licking her toes! The bump is now the size of a dime and bright red all of the time. This means that Dooley will be going under the knife Friday. We’re pretty nervous about the surgery, but we hope that getting rid of the bump will improve her life.

All of these health issues, and she is only 11 months old! We truly hope that once this bump is gone Dooley’s second year will be healthier than her first!

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