Is it fetch, or is it catch?

Dooley chewing on the tennis ball
Every night for the last week or so, Courtney and I have been trying to teach Dooley how to fetch. Generally, this consists of us taking a tennis ball with us outside and letting Dooley chase it down in the grass by the house. The first few days Dooley was great! It actually seemed to come naturally to her. I know most of you are thinking, Dooley is a dog, of course playing fetch comes naturally to her, but if any of you have met Dooley you know she is anything but natural. So we were pretty excited about he fact that something seemed to be working out for once. Dooley is getting some exercise, she is getting used to the outdoors, and we were having fun watching her get the ball and bring it back.

I don’t know exactly where we went wrong but somewhere over the course of the last couple of outings, Dooley has managed to turn the game into more of a keep away match. Dooley chases the ball, but has decided that it is not fun to bring it back, instead Courtney and I pretty much just play catch and Dooley just runs back and forth between us.

Well, she used to run in between us, today it was more like a light jog or maybe even just turning around to face whoever had the ball. The level of laziness is pretty shocking sometimes. I often have thought how many people in the other condos have seen Courtney and I chasing down the tennis ball instead of the dog and made fun of us.

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