Getting Better

As many of you know, Dooley has struggled with skin problems and allergies pretty much most of her life. She is having to go through a couple processes where the medicine she has to take makes her tired, and honestly she looks kind of depressed. For the past couple of days she has done nothing but sleep and mope around the house. As I was looking at her on the couch tonight I thought she looked like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.

Kind of close, huh?

To be honest, Courtney and I can’t complain about this even lazier version of Dooley. It’s kind of nice, but I think we will be happy to have our happy go lucky bulldog back here in a day or two after she recovers. Lets hope this takes care of some of her health issues!

Is it fetch, or is it catch?

Dooley chewing on the tennis ball
Every night for the last week or so, Courtney and I have been trying to teach Dooley how to fetch. Generally, this consists of us taking a tennis ball with us outside and letting Dooley chase it down in the grass by the house. The first few days Dooley was great! It actually seemed to come naturally to her. I know most of you are thinking, Dooley is a dog, of course playing fetch comes naturally to her, but if any of you have met Dooley you know she is anything but natural. So we were pretty excited about he fact that something seemed to be working out for once. Dooley is getting some exercise, she is getting used to the outdoors, and we were having fun watching her get the ball and bring it back.

I don’t know exactly where we went wrong but somewhere over the course of the last couple of outings, Dooley has managed to turn the game into more of a keep away match. Dooley chases the ball, but has decided that it is not fun to bring it back, instead Courtney and I pretty much just play catch and Dooley just runs back and forth between us.

Well, she used to run in between us, today it was more like a light jog or maybe even just turning around to face whoever had the ball. The level of laziness is pretty shocking sometimes. I often have thought how many people in the other condos have seen Courtney and I chasing down the tennis ball instead of the dog and made fun of us.

Dooley Goes for a Walk . . . In the sound

Dooley the Bulldog
Dooley after her exploring the great outdoors, including the water behind the house.

Courtney and I have been pretty liberal about putting Dooley on a leash when she goes out lately. Normally, Dooley’s typical outings to the great outdoors consist of walking no more than three of four steps past the bottom of the stairs, doing her business, and then come running back upstairs as fast as she can because a tree looked at her the wrong way and she didn’t like it. Our dog questions and is somewhat fearful of pretty much everything outside including birds, cats, the wind, and sometimes sticks that look suspiciously out of place to her.

Well, the last couple weeks we have been trying to take her out more often and let her explore to get used to things outside of her cushy condo lifestyle.

Courtney and I decided to go outside to play with the dog, and Dooley decided that she did not want to play with the tennis ball we brought with us. Instead, she thought it would be more her style to run into the water behind the house. Thus, the black muddy paws in the picture. Next time we will have to keep a closer eye on Dooley the Bulldog.

Giving In

Dooley's Clone Lives at Kitty Hawk Kites in Nags HeadWell … we have tried our best to not make Dooley, our English Bulldog puppy, the center of our universe, but as you can see with our creation of a blog…I think it is safe to say that we have given in. Seems to be the case with most of the situations Courtney and I find ourselves in with our dog. “Giving in” seems to be the daily routine for us.

I have always wanted an English Bulldog, and I am sure that every first-time English Bulldog owner says, “Our bulldog won’t be that unhealthy, ours wont cost that much money, and ours wont be that stubborn.” Well, I am here to tell you that nothing can quite prepare you for how much of a handful they can be. To be perfectly honest, as I am writing this post, Dooley is actually eating the chair that I am sitting in. I’m not that upset, its another one of those things that we seem to have “given in” to. Seems the will-power and stubbornness of an English Bulldog can outlast that of a young married couple. Oh well, we would not trade her for the world. Sure she eats walls, chairs, rocks, and pretty much anything within a 3ft radius of her mouth, but she is the funniest little character I know.

Seems that Dooley has something that is worthy of sharing with the world everyday, so we will do our best to share. Check back soon!

P.S. The picture is from a few months ago, but I wanted to share. Probably one of our favorite pictures of the dog. If any of you did not know, Dooley’s clone lives at the Kitty Hawk Kites Nags Head store.